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                      February 14 Update: 23 Cases Newly Confirmed in Jiangsu


                      Between 00:00 and 24:00, February 13, 23more cases of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (NCP) were confirmed in Jiangsu, 2of which were mild cases, and21 moderate cases. 6more have been cured and discharged from hospital.1 moderate case newly developed into severe case, and 1 severe case deteriorated to be in critical condition.

                      Of the newly confirmed cases, 1wasin Nanjing, 2in Wuxi, 5in Xuzhou, 5in Changzhou, 1 in Nantong, 3in Lianyungang, 5in Huai’an,and 1 in Yancheng. The oldest patient was 80, and the youngest, 22. 11were male and 12, female. All are currently under treatment in designated hospitals.

                      As of 24:00, February13, 593cases have been reported in Jiangsu accumulatively, 47of which are mild cases, 536moderate cases, 6severe cases and 4in critical condition. 137have been cured and discharged from hospital. Of the confirmed cases, 91were in Nanjing, 51in Wuxi, 76in Xuzhou, 43in Changzhou, 85in Suzhou, 39in Nantong, 45in Lianyungang, 56in Huai’an, 26in Yancheng, 20in Yangzhou, 12in Zhenjiang, 37in Taizhou, and 12 in Suqian. Of the severe cases, 1 was in Nanjing, 1 in Xuzhou, 1in Suzhou,1 in Nantong, 1 in Huai’an and 1 in Zhenjiang. Of the cases in critical condition, 1 was in Xuzhou,1 in Lianyungang, 1 in Huai’an and 1 in Yancheng.Of the cases cured and discharged, 26were in Nanjing, 9in Wuxi, 17in Xuzhou, 11in Changzhou, 17in Suzhou, 10in Nantong, 6in Lianyungang, 6in Huai’an, 6in Yancheng, 6in Yangzhou, 2in Zhenjiang,15in Taizhouand 6 in Suqian.

                      Of the traced 11,849close contacts, 4,309are still under medical quarantine and 7,540 have been released.

                      Experts urge the public to reduce outdoor activities, especially crowd gathering. Avoid using public transportation and open windows for ventilation when driving a private car. Do not go to public places with enclosed space and poor ventilation. Avoid touching items in public places. Wear a mask when going out and wash hands first when back home. As enterprises resume operation, more people will visit and return to Jiangsu who are urged to log in to the Health Declaration System for Visitors and Returnees to Jiangsu as soon as possible and declare their health conditions every morning and evening. Where conditions permit, employees of enterprises and public institutions can declare their health conditions via their employers. In case of symptoms like fever or cough, seek treatment in designated fever clinics as soon as possibleand inform the medical staff of places you have been to in the previous 2 weeks.