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                      February 4 Update: 37 Cases Newly Confirmed in Jiangsu


                      Between 00:00 and 24:00, February 3, 37 more cases of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus were confirmed in Jiangsu, 4 in Nanjing, 2 in Wuxi, 3 in Xuzhou, 4 in Changzhou, 8 in Suzhou, 3 in Nantong, 3 in Lianyungang, 4 in Huai’an, 1 in Yangzhou, 2 in Zhenjiang, 2 in Taizhou, and 1 in Suqian. 1 more case of patient was cured and discharged from hospital.

                      Of the newly confirmed cases, 7 patients have traveled to or lived in Wuhan, 7 have traveled to or lived in Hubei Province, 10 have traveled to or lived in provinces other than Hubei Province, 8 were close contacts of previously confirmed cases, and 4 had contact with people from Hubei Province. The oldest patient was 96, and the youngest, 11. 18 were male and 19, female. All are currently under treatment in designated hospitals and are in stable condition. 703 traced close contacts are now under medical quarantine.

                      As of 24:00, February 3, 308 cases have been reported in Jiangsu accumulatively, 2 in critical condition and 8 cured and discharged from hospital. Of the confirmed cases, 44 were in Nanjing, 25 in Wuxi, 39 in Xuzhou, 19 in Changzhou, 52 in Suzhou, 22 in Nantong, 17 in Lianyungang, 22 in Huai’an, 15 in Yancheng, 15 in Yangzhou, 5 in Zhenjiang, 23 in Taizhou, and 10 in Suqian. Of the cases in critical condition, 2 were in Suzhou. Of the cases cured and discharged, 2 were in Nanjing, 1 in Wuxi, 3 in Suzhou, 1 in Lianyungang, and 1 in Huai’an.

                      Of the traced 5,287 close contacts, 4,804 are still under medical quarantine and 483 have been released.

                      Experts urged those who came from or have visited Hubei Province or came to Jiangsu via Hubei Province to register with the community (village) neighborhood committee as soon as possible, stay at home for medical observation for 14 days, pay close attention to their physical conditions, and take temperature twice a day during the period. If possible, stay alone or in a well-ventilated room, and reduce close contact with family members. Wear a mask, clean and disinfect hands in a timely manner, and avoid sharing any items that may cause indirect contact infection when in the same room with other family members. Tableware must be washed and disinfected before reuse. Keep the home clean. Chlorine-containing disinfectants and peracetic acid disinfectants can be used for room disinfection. In case of suspicious symptoms such as fever, cough, pharyngalgia, chest distress, dyspnea, feebleness, and diarrhea, stop home quarantine and seek treatment with a mask on immediately.