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                      The Delegation of Cranfield University Visited Jiangsu University


                      On October 18th, 2019, two fellows of Royal Academy of Engineering visited Jiangsu University. They are Prof. Sir. Peter Gregson, the Vice-Chancellor of Cranfield University and Prof. Simon Pollard, the Pro-Vice Chancellor of Cranfield University. The top leaders of JSU, Prof. Yuan Shouqi, Chair of University Committee; Prof. Yan Xiaohong, President; Prof. Ding Jianning, Prof. Quan Li and Prof. Zhao Yutao, Vice Presidents attended the meeting and accompanied by Directors of International Office, Graduate School, Deans of School of Materials Science & Engineering, School of the Environment & Safety Engineering and School of Management.

                      In the meeting, Prof. Yuan Shouqi introduced the history, discipline characteristics and strategic internationalization goals of JSU, expressed great appreciation to Cranfield University for long-time support on the cooperation between two universities. Prof. Sir. Peter Gregson, gave an emphasis on the cooperation between Cranfield University and Jiangsu University. Because two universities are well matched in terms of university and mission, discipline characteristics and development direction, he is willing to establish a comprehensive strategic partnership with Jiangsu University, and makes joint efforts in agricultural engineering, environmental engineering, energy and power engineering and other technical fields to cultivate students into future global leaders. Prof. Yan Xiaohong extended a warm welcome and sincere thanks to Cranfield University for their strong support. Then, two parties discussed about the application for Jiangsu University Cranfield Tech Futures Graduate Institute and reached new consensus based on full communication and understanding. Cranfield University promised to ensure that the proposed Graduate Institute will be equipped with sufficient high-level faculty, and treat JSU to be a priority international partner in the fields of mechanic engineering agricultural engineering, material engineering, environmental engineering, energy and power engineering.

                      During the visit, the delegation visited relevant Laboratories of School of Agricultural Equipment Engineering, Research Center of Fluid Machinery Engineering and Technology, Automotive Engineering Research Institute, School of Materials Science & Engineering and School of Mechanical Engineering. At the same time, they also communicated with the outstanding students of JSU, exchanged the academic advantages of Cranfield University, laboratory construction, etc., and learned the students' intention to study at Cranfield University. This meeting will further support the implementation of the dual-degree program for graduate students from both universities.

                      Cranfield University and Jiangsu University have a good foundation of cooperation for over 20 years and have frequent exchanges in the past three years. Currently, 12 graduate students from Jiangsu University are studying at Cranfield University for double degrees.