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                      Postdoctoral Fellows

                      We provide the post doctor jobs in the following disciplines with annual salary from 120,000 to 300,000 RMB plus a basic funding support of 50,000 RMB (for the majors of engineering) or 30,000 RMB (for the major of business administration). We also provide the dormitory for accommodation with allowance. Each enrolled post doctor also has the chances to apply for the annual post doctor funding supports from both Jiangsu provincial government and central government of China.


                         The applicant has had a doctor’s degree and the age is not greater than 35.


                         We encourage the applicants to contact with the professors who are PhD supervisors for the post doctor offers. If you fail to do so, please send your CV and other documents that you think may help to bhjd@ujs.edu.cn with the tile as PostDoc Application. We will forward your application to the PhD supervisors in the area that you are applying for. When a prospective collaborator is found, we will list you as the candidate and then decide whether give you the offer based on the decision from the Post Doctor Administrative Committee for the discipline that you have applied for. The decision from the committee is generally based on your academic achievements in history.

                       1.    Mechanical engineering

                      2.    Materials Science and Engineering

                      3.    Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics

                      4.    Control Science and Engineering

                      5.    Transportation Engineering

                      6.    Agricultural engineering

                      7.    Food Science and Engineering

                      8.    Management Science and Engineering

                      9.    Mechanics

                      10.   Electrical Engineering

                      11.   Environmental Science and Engineering

                      12.   Clinical medicine

                      13.   Computer Science and Technology

                      Contact Information:

                      Management Department of the University: Post-doctoral Management Office, Graduate School of Jiangsu University
                      Contact: SHU Chang'an (Mr.)
                      Tel.: 0511-88987590
                      E-mail: bhjd@ujs.edu.cn
                      Add.: Graduate School of Jiangsu University; 301# Xuefu Road, Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province, China
                      Zip Code: 212013

                      1. List of Documents for Applying for Entry to a postdoctoral stations of Jiangsu University.doc
                      2. List of Documents for Applying for Departure from a postdoctoral stations of Jiangsu University.doc