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                      Students Associations

                      JSU CSDN (Chinese software developer net) Club

                      JSU CSDN (Chinese software developer net) Club is affiliated with students' Association Union in JSU. It was founded in November, 2009 which had set five departments: Department of Finance, Activity Department, Technology Department, Propaganda Department and Liaison Department office and 5 Study groups: PS group, Web Design Group, Office Group, Video Group, and Android group

                      CSDN University Club aims to popularize computer knowledge, stimulate creative thinking, develop team spirit, and train students' abilities. To help create a computer academic atmosphere among college students, in line with cultivating skilled talents for both computer using and management, various activities are well organized.

                      Achievement: Top Ten Outstanding Associations of JSU
                      Major activities: "IT Art", "Laptop Shopping Guide", and "IT Mobilization"

                      Bright eyes

                      Bright eyes is affiliated with School of Mechanical Engineering. It was founded in 2010 which had set four departments: Department of Finance, Plan Department, Propaganda Department and Logistics Department.
                      With love as the fundamental value, Bright eyes aims at developing a student team of responsibility to help children in need, especially those in primary and middle school in poor areas.

                      Achievements: Top Ten Outstanding Associations of JSU
                      Hundred Outstanding Volunteer Service Project of Jiangsu in 2010
                      Outstanding Youth Service Project of Jiangsu in 2012
                      Major activities: Information Session, Charity Bike Ride, Fund- raising Events, Campus Bazaar

                      House of Medical Knowledge

                      House of Medical Knowledge is affiliated with School of Medicine. It was founded in 2002 which had set three departments: Liaison Department office, Propaganda Department, Planning Department.
                      To popularize medical knowledge, and inspire students to care for health, House of Medical Knowledge is making great efforts to organize various kinds of charitable activities so that to promote the development of local healthcare career.

                      Achievements: Five- star Association of JSU in 2013and 2014
                      Outstanding Associations of School of Medicine in 2014
                      Major Activities: Visit of Anatomy Building and the Emergency Medical Center,
                      Free Community Clinic, Outward Bound, Dream-building Program