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                      Sports Facilities

                      Jiangsu University's Sport Facilities consist of Main Campus Gym, Zhongshan Gym, Dongshan Playground, Xishan Playground, Jingjiang Playground, 6 Outdoor Tennis Courts, 2 Sand Beach Volleyball Grounds, 40 Basketball and Volleyball Courts, a Roller Skating Field, an Indoor Swimming pool and an Outdoor Swimming pool.

                      As the symbolic building of Jiangsu University, the main campus gym covers an area of 13,800m2. On the ground floor, there are table tennis hall, bowling room, bodybuilding room and martial arts room. The main competition area is on the second floor with nearly 3000 seats. The main campus gym is the training venue of the National Youth Volleyball Team under General Administration of Sport of China.

                      The playing grounds and gyms are in the charge of venue management center of Sports Department of Jiangsu University. The sport facilities are open to all the Jiangsu University's students, faculty members and the public.


                      Open Hours and Charges of the Main Campus Gym

                      Items Work Days Weekends and Holiday Charges Remarks
                      Bowling 14:00-21:00 14:00-21:00 5 Yuan/round  
                      Swimming 14:00-21:00 14:00-21:00 20 Yuan/hour Open from June to September
                      Badminton Hall 17:00-21:00 14:00-21:00 15/25 Yuan/hour  
                      Table Tennis 17:00-21:00 14:00-21:00 5 Yuan/hour  
                      Body Building Room 17:00-21:00 14:00-21:00 6 Yuan/hour  
                      Martial Arts Room 17:00-21:00 14:00-21:00 50 Yuan/hour