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                      Health Care

                      (1) Insurance
                      Students can carry out comprehensive insurance, including accident medical insurance, hospitalization expenses, accident deformity, death insurance, etc. Self-supporting students who enjoy tuition fee discount and university exchange students shall pay for insurance by themselves.
                      In order to protect your insurance interests, please take good care of all the documents, receipts, papers, etc. involved. When making a medical insurance claim, students shall provide complete documents, including photocopy of the passport, certificate of doctor’s diagnosis or certificate of accident, medical record, all the medical examination reports, receipt of medicine expenses, list of medical examination items, list of medicines, receipt of hospitalization expenses and hospital discharge certificate, etc.

                      (2) Medical Service Information
                      Zhenjiang is a city with rich medical resources. The following are some major hospitals:
                      Name in English: Affiliated Hospital of Jiangsu University (Jiang Bin Hospital ).
                      Name in Chinese:江苏大学附属医院(江滨医院)
                      Add. in Chinese: 江苏省镇江市解放路438号
                      Phone: 0511-85026079
                      Website: http://www.jdfy.cn/

                      Name in English: No. 1 People's Hospital
                      Name in Chinese:镇江市第一人民医院
                      Phone: 0511-85231018
                      Add. in Chinese:江苏省镇江市电力路8号
                      Website: http://www.zjhospital.org.cn/

                      Name in English: The Staff Hospital of Jiangsu University
                      Name in Chinese: 江苏大学职工医院
                      Address:On Main Campus (close to Conference Center)
                      Phone:0511-88780152 (the hospital office), 0511-88780153 (the Emergency aid)