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                      I. Students' Apartments
                      There are eight apartment zones, called A-G and Overseas Students' Apartment, which accommodate up to more than 40 thousand students.
                      Telephone numbers of each apartment:
                      Apartment A: 86-511-88780328
                      Apartment B: 86-511-88979856
                      Apartment C: 86-511-88780324
                      Apartment D: 86-511-88791527
                      Apartment E: 86-511-88791951
                      Apartment G: 86-511-88978853
                      Overseas Students' Apartment: 81884336
                      Apartment A-G and Overseas Students' Apartment accommodate all undergraduates and postgraduates at home and abroad. Every apartment building is equipped with coin-operated automatic washing machine and air-conditioning. There are some free services such as needle and thread package, inflating service, micro-wave oven and hair-dryer, etc.
                      One-stop service is offered in Overseas Students' Apartment. The information of all sections is provided in both Chinese and English and all reception staff use English and Mandarin to communicate with them. There are numerous services such as the POS settlement, one-time bill, passenger services to meet guests, message, stationery, mail collecting, price list, and accommodating notice, and tourism services. 

                      II. Guests House
                      There are 41 rooms, including 3 suites, 2 single and 36 standard rooms, with internet access, air conditioner, TV set, washroom and hot-water.
                      Telephone number: 86-511-88780878





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